We mobilize talent

All over the planet, an irresistible force is in constant motion. In ever more numerous and inventive ways, commitment to solidarity is spreading.

We liberate audacity

The world is at a turning point. We’re aware of it and millions of us share in the experience of passionnate commitment.

We unlock potential

Together with our clients, we give this new force a means to exist and to act for the common good.
MAXYMA Powered by solidarity


We are a team

We don’t work for our clients, but with them. By learning from one another, we move forward more quickly and create a difference.

We like smart data

We listen to people and understand their potential for engagement. For us, data is not static, but the living reflection of a world that we’re passionate about.

We know where to speak

Solidarity commitment is provoked and shared. The essential is in the mastering of the touchpoints. Traditional media approaches are often the least efficient.

We reveal strenghts of causes

Each engagement is unique, because every emotion is unique. We create campaigns that inspire an irresistible urge to act for each person exposed to it.

We make optimization an objective

Through working systematically in regard to design-to-cost, we produce efficient activation campaigns at the best price.

We ignore all boundaries

The talents, the ideas and the solutions that inspire solidarity commitment have no borders. We source the best creative and technological solutions no matter from where they come. And we help our clients to project their causes internationally.

MXY Totems

Maxyma innovates and invites you to discover new methods and offers

Discover the MXY totems...


Get direct customized access to all agency resources

Challenge your fabrication costs in terms of design-to-cost, create your omnichannel end of the year campaign, conceive your boomer-targeted prospection messages, quickly create a video series, launch an emergency campaign, mobilize a community of supporters…. Easily and immediately access specific services. Benefit from our know-how and experience at a competitive cost.



Give your brand the headstart today that will make all the difference tomorrow

Enjoy a daylong co-design workshop at the MAXYMA rooftop offices. Synergetically combine the talents of your team with those of the agency to test your brand, benchmark the best practices, imagine a novel event, mobilize your community and generate the idea of a new service. Test the efficiency of a hybrid task-force to produce solutions and stimulate your team.



Inventing together the future of fundraising

An exceptional working space on a rooftop terrace, window lined walls and ceiling. An environment dedicated to agency teams for its clients and community. There, we create moments of simple and collaborative sharing. We mutually enrich our approaches to a profession we’re passionate about. We bring together the greatest visionaries and most inspiring experts from around the world.

MXY Managers

Charlotte Chauvet // Communications Division
Alban Mathevet // Digital Division
Pierre Bocquiny // President
Elise Loquetor // Major Accounts Department
Guillaume Pamart // Development & Resources Department
Stephen Tisch-Rotenberg // Creation Division
Anne de Danne // Vice-president. Corporate & Institutional Department

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